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NATA Entrance Exam


NATA is National Aptitude Test in Architecture.

What are the type of questions asked in this exam?

Diagrammatic Reasoning,

Numerical reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning

Basic concepts in mathematics, physics and geometry,

Fundamentals of Art and Design, Lateral thinking and Visual perception and cognition, graphics and imagery,

building anatomy and architectural vocabulary, basic techniques of building construction and knowledge of material, general knowledge and current affairs, etc. 

Why Study with Studio Atelier?

Study at Studio Atelier is a unique experience because of personalized self paced trainings module that focuses on students  skills and weakness and is customized as per students needs and also is beyond learning theory.


How learning at Studio Atelier can be beneficial?

The teaching pedagogy is focused on developing Skills and knowledge required to be a competitive Architecture Student.

Various Learning Methodology at Studio Atelier?

Art and Design Screenings, Synopsis of Famous Books, Interaction with Design Industry experts at Designers Unleashed, Multidimensional learning experience.


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