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Design Portfolio for International Design College Entrance needs personalized mentoring as Students need to acquire Skills required to be a Designer and also need to learn various mediums.

We focus on developing  these skills in  a personalized manner depending on student's requirement.

We have unique personalized mentoring approach for small group of students to make students competitive in this evolving Design field. 

Course Structure:

Our Key Features:


Personalised Trainning Module


Digital Course material and access to digital library 


Detailed study of every topic


Govt. certification Fundamental Course of Design 


Small Batch


100+ Art and Design Projects in

30+  techniques


Online and offline Classroom


Guaranteed Progress  or


Student Testimonials

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-21 at 12.50.40 PM.jpeg

Anto Rexcy

Student, Tamil Nadu

Honestly speaking I did expect anything from my Studio Atelier
but here I was groomed and nurtured not only in my career path and also in my personal life. When I came to Mumbai I didn't have any knowledge about fashion even language was a barrier but Jinal ma'am didn’t criticize me, she helped me to explore the new world. She also helped to relieve the anxiety that I use to get initially. She helped me explore various aspects of designing right from sourcing fabrics from various parts of Mumbai, designing, getting it stitched from tailor, rediscovering luxury fashion, Street fashion ,.., and the list is endless. One word to describe my journey at Studio Atelier is Trust. The transition of my overall personality, communication, design is incredible and beyond my expectations and still evolving. Proud to a student of Studio Atelier!

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